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Default Re: My glue gun just had a melt down. Literally.

Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
Are you by chance using a high temp gun with low temp sticks?

I have never had that happen before, but it sounds to me like that might be the case.

...along the same lines I had to buy a new wood burner because my husband had called me to the kitchen and I left it on the desk... in a coffee mug, unpluged, but still hot.... the dog ran under the desk, got caught in the cord, the woodburner came out of the cup and landed on a pile of bows I had just finnished

The woodburner and bows were ruined
Nope, the glue gun was high temp, with high temp sticks (it was actually a partially used one, that I didn't have a problem with in the morning). Maybe it was a defective glue stick?

Gosh, that stinks about the bows and wood burner....speaking of wood burners, anyone suggest one? Is there a "speacial" type to get? I've been thinking of getting one because it feels like I've been cutting a gazillion pieces of ribbon lately, and sealing them with a lighter... a wood burner would probably help speed up my process.
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