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Default Re: Glitter sport headbands

That stinks! When your hard work makes someone else a profit. I would love to learn how to do these. I have been asked twice for them, but didn't know how to make them at the time.

Originally Posted by raggedyamys View Post
The glitter headbands that are shown are not the same as the ones I offered instructions for...The ones in the picture are made from an upholstry type of can see in the picture that the backing is a woven type kind of like the back of carpet. I dont believe that headband is "made" I think it is strips of an upholstry fabric cut and sewn into a headband.
The ones I do are made by bonding glitter tape to velvet. So the velvet provides a no slip to your hair.
I am NOT affiliated with OUR MONKEY BUSINESS in any way shape or form or Carley Luca Designs which is OUR MONKEY BUSINESS new name.
I DID create the method of making a glam band (my name), the pictures for that book were taken at my home and are on my computer. They were loaded into another persons computer and then an ebook was created based on a product that was alot of my ideas and some of another persons. This book was created and sold without my permission. I do not wish to write an ebook on them to sell for profit so I am choosing to give my method of doing these away to anyone that wants them.
Since I have started making these I have found several things that can be used and work well including glitter vinyl and there is even and iron on glitter ribbon that is wonderful.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

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