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Default Re: My twins are ONE!

Thanks ladies!!!

Originally Posted by ClippyDiva View Post
Happy Birthday to your Twins!
I know exactly how you feel, my b/g twins are 19mos old now and I when they turned 1 I cried and cried, because they were getting so big too fast.
Their outfits are super cute! did you make them? I love the marabou hair piece super fab!
Yep, I made the dresses.

Originally Posted by This Mom Erin View Post
Happy first birthday to the beautiful E&J! The baby phase does goes by way too quick. Wouldn't it be great if they could stay so sweet and innocent forever?
I WISH they would stay little and innocent, and also love ruffles and dresses and bows FOREVER!

Originally Posted by mommy-of-2 View Post
Happy Birthday to your cuties! Are they identical? My sister and I are faternal but most people thing we are identical. We didn't really see the resemblance when we were little but as we have gotten older we look more alike
Yep, they are identical! I can tell them apart most of the time, but sometimes I do have to look pretty close to see which one is which. Like if they are looking down they are hard to tell apart, etc..
Their big brothers can always tell them apart which is amazing to me! My almost 3yo son can even pick them out in pictures (which is hard than IRL).
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