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After reading the very first post to this thread, I checked my bank account online because I ordered stuff from them at the beginning of last month. Luckily nothing has been double charged or any additional fees were added. I received and email from them for 500 business cards free. I added those to my cart. Then I followed someones forwarded email offer from them off one of my yahoo groups. I received and additional 250 business cards free from them. I ended up ordering 2 free shirts (tho one of the shirts says "free shirts from Vistaprint" on the front of it) 750 biz cards, 1 pen, 1 small banner, 1 self inking stamp and 1 set of sticky notes for $22.

I've ordered from them for many years and have never had any issues with them. If you play around with multiple emails from them you can get lots of things free as long as you open another link directly from their emails.

Best of luck fixing your issue with them.
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