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Default Re: How to make these bows with loops in the middle

Originally Posted by murolyushka View Post
I have been looking at these bows for a while, but I dont think I can figure it out.
My guess is that she makes 2 figure 8 bows for the bottom and stacks them like here, then one of those in the middle, and then I guess she has 4 loops of different ribbon, maybe fused to each other? Kinda like this?
I dont know, sorry if its confusing?
Originally Posted by gngr78us View Post
I am guessing all the ribbon is sewed to another piece of ribbon then glued onto the clip. Thats just my guess. I have only done mine on my french barretts though and havent ventured using the alligator clip yet.
I wondered if they were sewn to another piece of ribbon. Thanks guys for trying to guess!! I appreciate it!
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