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alot of people order from them and have no problems, this is my complaint, why should we, the customer have to make sure we are so damned careful that if we forget to cross every t or dot every i just perfect we will get an extra charge. NO other real company does shit like this, if I order ribbon or bows from someone on here or another supplier I don't have to worry about getting a magazine subscription. I just think they should be more upfront and forthcoming and not prey on people that make a mistake by not reading all their fine print. I know we will differ on our opinions but I don't appreciate how they treat their customers and will not order from them I don't care how free their stuff is.


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Se i followed the links and did every thing right and my total was every thing free shipping was like 10 or some thing and then i ended up miskake adding a product that was not free but free shipping or some thing, and it was like 6 bucks but i had no way of cancelling it after i clicked it since it was in the final stages of ordering so i couldnt not a HUGE deal it was only 6 bucks. So my grand total was like 16. some thing and then i go look on our card to see how much we had left cause i wanted to order a few more things from some were else, and see that they took out not only one payment but two on for like 12 and one for 18 so over 30 bucks. when my order was only 16. if i would have know that these FREE stuff would have costed me 30 bucks in the end i would have NEVER order the only reason i order right now was cause it was FRee if not i would have never order since i didnt really have the 30 to spend. Was reading on that link the other lady gave me and found out that there are several people who get monthly charges off there cards from then every month when they didnt even order any thing. And have had to cancelle they credit cards and debit cards cause they take so many unapproved payment outs once they have your card numbers. FUCKING SCAMMERS
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