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Originally Posted by jrogers View Post
I would really check it out with them, another forum I am on had a big to doo on them. When you check out I guess they ask you a thousand questions and some of them sign you up for different things/services and it amounts to revolving type charges. They are known for this kind of crap and you really really have to watch what they are charging you for. I don't know all the details because I refuse to do business with companies that make life difficult no matter what or how good their main pricing is, it is a matter of principle and they have some strange ways of doing business. Keep up informed if you find out what it is for.


I am emailing then as we speak not very happy at all if i would have none it was going to be 30 bucks i would have NEVER order as much as i did would have just order the banner and thats it but the other stuff was free so i said hey why not. then turn around and find out they charged me 30 for a 16 order wtf
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