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Default Re: Ribbon flip flops with round rhinestone buckle (slider)

i have made these and i get my sliders from cathie at buckle boutique. i do it a little different than cathie recommends but it works for me. first i tie the buckle on to the flip flop - first with 6lb test fishing line and then cover it with embroidery floss in a matching color. i slip knot the fishing line and then the floss to the underside of the buckle and then wrap it around the thong part and then weave it back and forth thru the back of the slide and wrapping around the thong. you just have to play with this - hard to explain but very easy to do. i knot it off twice - just to be safe. then i put the ribbon thru. i use an 8" piece of ribbon - folded in half then stitched. once the ribbon is in place i put lots of either e6000 or shoe goo under the ribbon to attach it to the flip flop. i hope this helps. i have sold a lot of these this summer - let me know if theres anyway i can help you further. sally
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