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Originally Posted by boutiquesweetheart View Post
I took a break for a while because I have been feeling the same way It would be so nice to have a little bowmaking man to store in my closet for bad bow days.

So glad to see that there was a tutorial for this. It really helps me feel more confident purchasing.

Keisha, I have been making bows for about ten years now. Back when there were really no m2ms out there all that was available was a bowdabra.
I still have my bowdabra!!lol.. If any of you have not seen it.. It's a long plastic thing that you shove ribbon into and wrap a wire.. then SmAsh! Not a good looking bow!
So I had only made them by hand. From the looks of it this will be sooo much easier!
yes I have a bowdabra and it is a waste of money in my opinion! good thing it was inexpensive!
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