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Default Re: OOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Please tell me WHAT I'm doing wrong! (Flip-flop relat

I got shoe goo, and used it for my niece's shoes, so far, so good It stinks, and for me it works best if I apply it to the ribbon and smooth it out, then put it on the shoe. Gotta work quick though, it reminds me of hot glue, and starts to set pretty quickly. If you don't stick it together fast enough it will peel back off, but if you get it on there it dries super tight.

That said, you dont have to be lightning quick..I did one shoe at nearly midnight and was getting a little loopy, still managed to get it on in time all but 2 times.

And the shoes are toddler ones with back straps, which I also covered in ribbon using shoe goo..have had to bend it back and forth numerous times and no problems.
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