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Default Re: Prices...need to up them, I think??!?!

Originally Posted by ordi5103 View Post
I totally understand. The problem is that I have no idea how many I can make in an hour. I work full time so I only work on bows in the evening and on the weekend. I normally don't get a full hour to sit down and work. I usually have to stop for something - kids, dh, etc.
Do you have a timer you can stop and start. I have a 3 dollar kitchen timer with a mag on the back. I work full time- I am the director of a nonprofit- so most weeks I work 50 hours a week. My crafty items have gotten so popular, it is not worth doing them unless I get paid for them. you dont want to pay them to make it for them. Use a timer. everythime you have to stop working to deal with kids/house, stop the timer. When you have one completed you know how long it took and then figure out how many you could do in an hour from that one time.
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