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Default I was in ribbon heaven today!

I found a wholesale ribbon store about 3 towns away from me! Never knew it was there and stumbled upon it quite by accident! (I had to get replacement tubing for the nebulizer treatments that DS and now DD are both on and I was forced to make a turn in order for an ambulance to go by. So I pulled into this shopping center that I have driven past gazillions of times and never paid any attention to what was in there - and saw a sign for Cottage Lace & Ribbon. I went in and WOW! I was a kid in a candy store!!!

25 yds of 6" tulle $2.50 each
7/8" organdy ribbon 25 yds $4.00
1/5" polka dot grosgrain 25 yds $10
7/8" reversibel grosgrain dots 10 yds $8
3/8" grosgrain solid 100 yds $10
7/8" grosgrain solid 50yds $8
5/8" grosgrain solid 50yds $7
3/8" grosgrain swiss dots 50 yds $10
1.5" polka dot grosgrain 25 yds $10
7/8" woven edge stripe 10yds $8
1.5" multistripe grosgrain 25 yds $15

most if not all of it was offray too - some of it I couldnt tell bc there was no name on the color sticker - others have the offray spool attached and some I matched to others with the offray spool but didn't buy the 100yds or more.

They also have the organza bags that I'm thinking about using and selling pairs of clippies or a bow as party favors. It was 10 for $7 so I need to figure out if that is a good price.

One thing I saw that I was interested in but need to find more details about is that they print ribbon. It may be something I would be interested in for the future.
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