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Default Kufi caps with ribbon

Ok, so I've been embellishing some of my kufi hats with ribbon, and the way I deal with the ribbon not being stretchy and needing adjusted is I have been using a toggle bean and letting the customer know it adjusts that way. I just put a flower or bow on top of where you see the mini toggle. This works, but is so annoying trying to explain to customers how the ribbon works. So much so that I don't think I'm going to do it anymore even though I sold practically everyone I had made for my last show. Is there an easier way to embellish the hat with ribbon. I've heard of ladies tying the ribbon after it's measured on the head, that sounds like the same kind of hassle though. I was wondering if maybe there was an easy way to measure how much ribbon would be enough on that size of head, or if there is a way to possibly sew the ribbon in there with a little bit of elastic attached to the ends.... I don't know. How do you all do it?
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