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Default So Cute! Can Someone Help Me?

I was at a craft show today and there was a lady who had the cutest boxes I have ever seen!

She was selling them for $25 each and I of course thought " I can make that for a fraction of that"... I wanted to look for them online, but I have no idea what they are called... I could probably figure out how to make them on my own, but I thought it would be easier if I had directions of some sort... I know a lot of you ladies do craft shows and such and maybe had seen these somewhere...

I will do my best to describe them, but it is hard to explain.... They were small (maybe 6 inches) cube shaped cardboard boxes with a lid and covered with fabric. Each corner of the box was cut so it flipped open when you took the lid off... goodies were attached to each side of the box and also in the middle/bottom... The boxes each had different themes... there was a baseball fabric covered box with a little baseball keychain, a small radio, and other little baseball themed toys... one for the office with kind of neutral fabric and stuff like a sewing kit, q tips, deodorant, Asprin, etc. inside...

Does this make sense? Does anyone know how to make these or what they are called?

Thank you!
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