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Default printing your own ribbon

So i have managed to find solid ribbon for supper cheap 100 yards for under 10 bucks, But i cant seem to find nice cute printed pattren ribbon for under 5 for on 25 yards. And i use ALOT of printed pattern ribbon so my supplie cost is starting to get up there in price. More so when i have to order for 150 diff on line stores, and have to pay out of my ass for shipping. So i was thinking of maybe just buying solid color ribbon and printing a pattren on it my self using this tut
Now i have yet to try it but it looks really easy. But i am just not to sure how you would go about printing the right size is there a special program or a program that you like to use to do this?
Does any one just print there own ribbon vs buying it.
I am thinking printing my own is going to be ALOT more cheaper for me. I no it will take time to print all that up and do it up but i would rather spend a hour or two doing it them spending a extra 50$ on my ribbon order to have it already done

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