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Default Re: Flip Flops...To Wrap or Not to Wrap

Thanks. I like the look of the wrapped or covered looks "finished" to me...but the ones only have an embellishment like a boe or flower seem to be selling just as well and for just as much money...depending on how well the bow etc is done of course. I'm thinking "what a time saver not to do anything to the strap" but then my "other self"...the one that thinks everything needs to be just a little "more complete" thinks "hummmmm "

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
I do not wrap, and I just started covering. The wrapping just looks too hard and I think they look good without it. I use to only put a bow or flower on top and was happy with those. But now that I started covering the straps, I really like those much better.
Thank you...I LOVE the look of the ones covered with the DRR...I don't have any and I think my chances of getting any to have these done by the 13th might be slim to none , but I am thinking I might do that for my July show. Do you use E6000 to glue your ribbon to the flip flop strap? I'm thinking you would need to glue the entire length of the ribbon to the strap. When wrapping I only glue beginning, midpoint and end.
Thank you again for the great tip...I think I'm off to search for some to decide what colors I need/want. May I ask how much you sell your flip flops for. I've only sold a couple pair and had no problem with getting $12 for tiny kids ones...I'm thinking $12-$15 this year probably $12 for what I have made with the wrapped...but maybe $15 for them with the DRR (not sure on the price of that ribbon) I maybe way out of line...and I do want to get these flip flops out of my house this year I'm tired of moving them around. Next year NEW flip flops from Old Navy since those seem to be the most popular

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
I have wrapped in the past. This time, I was short on time. I used 7/8 DRR to line the outside of the strap and took a 3/8 print or dot ribbon on top of the duoble ruffle then added a simple bow. They sold like hot cakes this past weekend at my festival. I will be doing more for my June festival.
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