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Cool Re: Glitter Glam Headbands

Originally Posted by ksterling628 View Post
Did anyone else buy these instructions? I am trying to make some and it calls for an "iron mesh guard"
What in the hell is this? I've looked everywhere, online and at all the craft one has ever heard of it.
Don't worry, you only iron the velvet for a few seconds, I have ironed the crap out of my velvet ribbon making these headbands, and the velvet was fine.
Also, DON'T BUY THESE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! There was another few threads a while back about these. Evidently, two crafters collaborated to make this tut, to give out for free. One of them decided to sell them (against their original agreement) while the other was giving the instructions out for free on this board. Hard feelings ensued, and the rest of the story is in these boards somewhere....Don't ask me, I just read a lot of threads looking for a free tut on these headbands! Just search under glitter headbands or 'resurrecting an old post" or something like that...

I received the instructions for free and with her blessings will share with anyone who asks....

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