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Default Re: classic hairbow...soft looking

This has become my favorite bow to make. I thought I loved twisted bows, but this style is the style I've been trying to figure out for months. I love it even more than twisteds, and I love twisteds. I looked at one a customer had for her daughter and she liked the style but the bow itself was terrible. She wanted to order a lot of bows in that style from me, so I came up with a very simple way to make one and she loved it and has ordered seven of them. Woohoo!

I use templates for all my bows, but I don't for this one. I've attached some pictures of mine. Let me know if this is the style you are looking for and when I get a minute maybe I can do some simple (FREE instructions on how I do it. I don't fold mine like a twisted, so the loops sit a little differently and are a little perkier. You can see the difference in the two better in person. Sorry for the cruddy pictures. I didn't use my lightbox, so it's a little grainy and poorly lit. Let me know if this is the bow you are thinking of.

PS ~ My notifications and PMs are a bit wonky, so it's hit and miss if I get them. I'll check back and see if this is the style you're looking for.
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