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Default Re: classic hairbow...soft looking

This is really just a basic boutique bow that isn't done to pop up. Here's some instructions I found online. (I made mine with a No Bow No Go template). In the sixth step (or at least the instructions next to the sixth picture) linked to above, the instructions tell you to spread the loops until they stand up. I didn't do that. Instead I left them how they were in the fifth picture and just stitched it like that. Even after you're done with this you can make the bow sort of stand up by curving the ends towards you. I made mine very subtly curve under to get more of that old-fashioned basic bow look.

Truthfully, this was the very first bow I made with the No Bow No Go template. I love how it looks in my daughter's hair. The size I used was 1.5" ribbon with the 4.5 " template.

I hope this helps. I'm still pretty new to this. I'm just beginning to get my act together to try to sell. If nothing else, I'm hoping it will pay for my supplies so I can get new cute ribbons!
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