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Default Re: Prices...need to up them, I think??!?!

$3.00/4.00 each


$8.00ea-14.00 set


this is what I would do... you really need to figure out your cost of the materials. once you KNOW to the penny what a bow costs to make you will be able to figure your pricing better.

Originally Posted by MelissaTBC
For the things I make, my rule of thumb is at LEAST 2x my cost to make them for wholesale and then 3-4x cost to make them for retail
so tell me what about your time? you wholesale for the cost of materials PLUS the cost to replace... so you are working for FREE!!! BAD bow lady bad! you and every OTHER bow lady that is working like this need to STOP IT! you should be wholesaling at 3-4x cost and retailing at 6-10x cost

YOUR TIME IS $$$ when you work for free you reduce everyones business. and then you become discouraged that you arent making any money and are always needing to buy supplies
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