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Default Re: I wrote a new tutorial :)

Originally Posted by ThreeBlessingsBowtique View Post
not sure what is wrong with my site but my hosts site is down too.....

here is the info.

I have the package deal that gives you all my tutorials, and lets you be the first to get new tutorials and information updates over $30 in information and tutorials for $22.95 NO TEMPLATES NEEDED
Included are
  • Blessings Bow
  • Twisted Boutique
  • Pinwheel
  • Surround Loops
  • Clips lining and no slip grip
  • Singed Flowers (this one will be updated in the next few weeks you will get the updates free with this package)
  • Adding Pony Os (both movable and stationary)
  • Pom Poms and attaching them to pony os etc
  • some extra goodies
  • COMING SOON to those that purchased it
    • Insider tips and tricks
    • spike tutorial
    • Secrets of my bows and biz
    • Stacked Bows
    • and many more
Easy Way Tutorials ~ simplified Easy instructions for all kinds of things

  1. for 8.95 I have the Blesssings bow
  2. Twisted Bowtique $4
  3. Pinwheel $4
  4. Lining Clippies $3
  5. Adding Pony Os $3.75
  6. Pom Pom Tutorial $3
  7. Surround Loops $3
  8. Singed Flowers $4
I would like to buy the whole package. Just let me know how since your site is down!
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