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Default Re: Camera suggestions ??

I use canon... love it! the rebel is better for a beginner then like the 40 or 50D. I'd say avoid the low end Nikons unless you never plan to buy a lens other then the kit lens... the low end nikons (not the higher end ones, so the d40... maybe 60, and the d3000/5000... whatever the "thousand" numbers are) have the autofocus motor in the lens... so the focus can be slower sometimes, and a new lens is gonna cost ALOT more! So I'd say canon. As for lenses... if you plan on doing pics of your product on models... one of the best lenses I have (any many others love) is the 28-135mm IS lens (it's the kit lens on the 50D, not sure about the newer rebels) Great! If you are doing just pics of the product you may want to look into a macro lens... it'll get you a crisp focus from a close distance. (but I'd say add that on after)
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