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Default Re: Prices...need to up them, I think??!?!

Originally Posted by lissapell View Post
pricing depends on material and labor. I charge 20.00 an hour for my labor. If I can make 6 in am hour. Thats 3.33 a bow. then I add my material cost for each bow. 58 cents in material and 3.33 in labor is 3.91 so i would chare a min of 4.00 for this pretend bow. If you want to make your buisness work you MUST charge for your time.
I totally understand. The problem is that I have no idea how many I can make in an hour. I work full time so I only work on bows in the evening and on the weekend. I normally don't get a full hour to sit down and work. I usually have to stop for something - kids, dh, etc.
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