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Default Re: A TOTTS Question

Originally Posted by ldelzer View Post
Sweet Baby Boutique makes my blood boil... I need to call my CC company and dispute a charge. SBB has NEVER responded to ANY email. Nor can I figure out how to contact them... UGH!

I paid for (but never received) SBB. I have TOTT, Lamb, Roni's, and others... I love them all for different reasons.

I sew my bows. I like the look of it. I use invisible thread for all my bows because I'm too lazy to switch colors. 1 spool has lasted me for a looooot of bows!
I feel your pain!! I purchased these instructions and WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!!! The bows were horrible and look absolutely NOTHING like the ones on her website!!! Luckily, I had purchased about 1 million other instructions and kinda pieced together to figure out how to make a bow. The SBB forum is a joke. No one ever hardly posts, you have to have a "password" to get into certain parts once you have paid for the instructions; however, you have to email HER with a copy of your receipt to get access. Now call me crazy, but shouldn't she know who has paid for the instructions and who hasn't... Maybe I am being a little harsh; however, I was so upset at the instructions as I found them entirely useless!!
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