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Default Re: Prices...need to up them, I think??!?!

Originally Posted by boutiquesweetheart View Post
When in doubt I would say don't charge less than twice the price for these things. Double the price! So if you add up the cost (RETAIL) to do one of these and it would cost a customer 2.00 to do this on their own I would just double that price.. Keeping with the idea that you want to charge for your product, time and displaying/marketing while keeping pricing under what they could do a single accessory for. Then promote and keep attention by discounting for multiple purchases etc.

I like the prices that were quoted above. 3.50 for sure on the ribbon flower.. min~!What do mini gymbo korkers cost? I would go with 20% less than the price of gymbo's product since lots of ladies will be shopping to match. This way you have handmade appeal, custom product and you can compete with the regular run-of-the mill korkers out there.
Thank you!! You gave me some food for thought. I never thought to use the Gymbo products as a guide. That is a pretty good idea!!
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