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Default Re: bad is this...really.

I think we each have to make our own decisions on what we are comfortable with. If I see something I want to make nine times out of 10 I can figure it out or come close enough to make me happy. If I had/have something listed and someone wants to know how to make it all they have to do is ask. I have sent out patterns for the dolls I have listed and the clothes I made for them. Glad to share. I saw these dolls and knew I could make similar ones so I drew up my own patterns.
Is that copying...I don't know. Probably is tho.
I may look at it from a whole different perspective tho. I really don't care if I sell stuff or not. If I do yippee, I just go buy more fabric, if I don't then I just find someone who likes it and give it to them.
Copying is such a personal thing I think.
Unless the person you are wanting to copy is in your area then are you really hurting their business....I think not.
If they think they have a genuine, unique item then they better get a patent on it cause if you don't copy it someone else will.
Jenni in CA

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