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Default Re: flat vs perky boutique bows

Originally Posted by mommyto2divas View Post
The first one is a regular boutique bow. I make them by doing the figure 8 and bringing the centers down a little closer together if that makes sense?? And the second picture is the twisted boutique. I use the figure 8 method on those as well, but I over accentuate the loops.
Ohhhh...thank you!! I was wondering if maybe it was a twisted boutique, but its hard to tell because so many people seem to just call them a boutique I was freaking out thinking I couldn't get the second one right, and that it was a normal boutique bow so I have been working on it a lot and finally it clicked how to do it..

Well that's awesome, I thought I'd never learn to do twisted and it would take me years to figure it out haha.

Now I need to practice normal ones lol
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