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Default Re: germany flag clippie request help

Originally Posted by Whimsydoll View Post

This is a pic I found while searching and found it on a website about i think. Can you make say a girl dressed similarly with a soccer ball either in the hands above the head or at the feet? Make a girl with a soccer uniform on in Germany's colors with a soccer ball. Or another idea playing on the "waving" German flag, add a soccer ball to look like it was rolling over the waves. Or perhaps a twisted boutique bow with a soccerball resin in the middle. Or use soccer ball printed ribbon like I see at Wally World all of the time and integrate it with Germany's colors for a bow.

Hope this helps.
Thank you these are great ideas I didn`t think of the girl in the uniform...cause all she wants is a clippie no bow cause her DD is 11 months old
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