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Default Re: bad is this...really.

Originally Posted by Pabloswhim View Post
I wouldn't feel as badly about something you've REAL beef comes from people who openly show up and take pics of my stuff (and pick it apart WITHOUT buying it). The item is usually left unsaleable...and I've received absolutely nothing for my time,effort and inspiration...
There's not much out there that's truly original...
People really do that? Wow I am amazed anyone would have the nerve to do something like that!! Not that I don't believe you...I just wish people had more respect

Now buying it, I don't see anything wrong with that. I am curious by nature, and since I was a small child I would do that sort of thing with my own belongings, take it apart to see how it worked.

People do this all the time in the non-crafting world, and they are praised for being curious and mechanically minded...why is it such a bad thing when we do it for crafts?

Think of all the people that have learned to put together cars, computers, etc. just by taking one apart and building it back up.

These days I also try to work it out without taking things apart, just because I would like to get to still keep the item because it's useful. I'd probably find some way to figure it out without damaging it. I wouldn't go toe to toe with anyone who is selling them though, most of those would be just one-off or for my family.

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