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Default Re: bad is this...really.

I would tend to agree with you, however I could see it being a bad thing if I shared this newfound knowledge with everyone. If I have paid her for the product I just don't feel quite as bad about it.

I would like to add however, that I have discovered how to do this without actually purchasing the product. What this tells me is that this isn't necessarily a unique idea because the products to make are readily available for this specific purpose.

So i'm off to embark on ordering some of the materials to make my own. Since I won't actually have hers to copy from, it really will be my own anyways.

Originally Posted by Wednesday View Post
It's a good question, one I've been wondering about. I think it is quite fine to get inspiration from someone else. I admit to copying ideas I've seen on the web, but I don't sell them and would never claim them to be my own original idea if asked.

Would I purchase something with the sole intention of taking it apart to see how it's made? I don't know. I think if I bought the item directly from the crafter I would have a hard time doing so. I would feel bad. However if it was an item I purchased at say, a boutique or retail store, it wouldn't have that "personal" feel to it and I might consider it.

I guess I'd try to put myself in the designer/crafters shoes and think who I'd feel about it and decide if I could sleep well at night if I was thinking about it.
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