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Default Re: Buying Embroidery Machine - please tell me what accessories I need

I have found that, for me, it's worth ripping open the side of the onesie and then embroidering, simply beacuse the onesies curls up on the hoop and can get caught in the machine. To prevent that you have to sit and actually hold it back. Unsewing it allows me to sit and watch it (while I do computer work). The bigger the shirt the better it lays flat. Some things you just have to babysit more.

Stabilizer is used to stabilize the fabric while embroidering. When you hoop an item the hooped item must be tight, like a drum.

The thing to keep in mind with spray stablizers, my dad uses them, is you usually need to be in a well ventilated area and you must do it in some kind of contained area. You're spraying something sticky so you need to keep it from hitting the floor or other area around what you're spraying. My dad uses a box with high sides in the garage. Too much for me with a baby at home. It's easier to use the sulky stick and pin a few times. But that's just me. Everyone finds what they like. Just really read up online and decide what's best for you.
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