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Default bad is this...really.

I know we all (ok, maybe not everyone) share, steal and swipe ideas from eachother in this forum. My question bad is this really?

My particular question is that I have found something on etsy that I absolutely love. I mean, I LOVE it. I want to buy it to take it apart. Now, I don't feel great about doing that because I obviously get that someone spent time and possibly money to figure out how to do this. In my defense, I don't plan on sharing it in the forum or online, it would simply be something I would offer in my booth.

How bad is this, really? Would you do it for your own benefit? What is your opinion on this?

Go honest. I can take it!


Today I had a show and I had a lady come over and look at my bow boards. Just basic boards, canvas covered with fabric and ribbon. She picks up the board, looks at it, mumbles something under her breath and puts it back after she has studied it. I was MAD. Don't sit there in front of me and pick apart my items.

However..had she purchased it and taken it home, I wouldn't have been mad. What you do with an item once you buy it is not really any of my business (can we say Prima flower buy???) but don't do it in my face.

A few people asked what I was so interested in that I posted about's the ice cream (creamsicle) and mini cupcake shaped 3d appliques that there is another thread about on the board that is being sold on etsy. I went ape s**t when I saw them and just had to have them. I actually had someone nice enough to tell me what they were made of and direct me to the products (which were readily available for purchase) however I felt bad because this is quite unique (in my opinion) and really, I would be ripping it off.

Does it make me feel any better that the items are readily available? Yes. Were they intended to be used for this, i'm guessing not. I have to give her props for making some really unique and realistic items and slapping them on a clip.

Ultimately, i'm not going to buy one and rip it apart...however I am going to buy one, if for no other reason to support her in her business and to thank her for sharing the concept (whether that was her intention or not) with everyone else.

Her etsy says something about not copying her stuff...since we have been around and around that merry-go-round a thousand times just in the short time since i've been on this board, i'm not going to worry about it other than to say that a) there are no original ideas and b) if you put it out there, you cant expect people not to want to duplicate it.

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