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Originally Posted by mommyto2divas View Post
Thanks!!! Yeah, I thought I saw on a post somewhere on here where someone put them in the oven on 190, it must have been you!! lol I tried once again holding a lighter over the ones with the bubbles and all but 1 of the caps are fine now. I swear, I felt like I was doing a science project while I was mixing and putting it on the caps ever so carefully! lol Like you said, the one I put in the oven ended up with more bubbles then it had in the beginning! Oh well!! I really want to try the newest poly resin drops, but worried it would be a waste of money!
Honestly, IMO, I like the ET Lite way better than the drops. I have a set of drops just in case I am ever in a total time pinch but that is the only situation I would use them in. It looks ok, but I think the ET looks way better. A lot of girls here have mixed reviews on the drops.

I totally get the "science project" feeling! I get out my propane torch every once in a while and use that instead of a lighter! Pyro-maniac???
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