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Default Re: Hip Girl Store! A++++++++

Originally Posted by Aeonix View Post
I hope my order was a fluke, since you all seem to have such good shipping times. It took almost a week to get to me. I bought 3 items, paid $5 shipping on a $6 order. I placed the order Thursday last week, it got to me yesterday, which was Wednesday.

I also placed an order with hair bow center on Friday, the day after HGC, bought 3x as much, paid the same $5 (this time actual shipping cost) and it got to me Monday.

I live equal distances from both places (approx 5 hour drive), so I don't think that was it.

Like I said, I hope it was a fluke!
It always takes me a while to get my stuff too, usually about a week, even if its a small order. I get my stuff from HC really quick, it usually ships the same day and I get it 2 days later, with regular shipping. I also like that it isnt a flat rate.

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