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Default Re: Epoxy Resin Domes

Originally Posted by hilogirl_96720 View Post
Okay maybe the Xyron isn't the best. I had a couple extra clips made from Tuesday night and checked them this morning - the edges are lifting. Not a lot but they have separated from the bottlecap. I'm *hoping* they don't lift further - my dd gave out 21 caps to her class. Maybe I didn't smash the images down enough before appying the drops? I'm trying another cap with E6000 so hopefully it will hold better. I really like the convenience of these and am crossing my fingers something will work!

Please keep me posted!! I was really wanting to try those from coleycole, but was waiting to get people's thoughts on them first! I just ordered a bunch of bottlecaps so I will be really bummed if they don't work b/c I wanted to purchase those poly resin drops to use. I have the ET lite, but really resistant to use it b/c of it messing up the caps by causing bubbles. And since i've heard that the diamond glaze will ruin if it gets wet, I didn't want to use that either. I've never bottlecaps before, so looking for something good to use that won't mess them up!
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