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Default A couple of reviews

Hello, just thought I would share my experiences with a couple of items, hopefully it will be useful to someone.

First one: the Pickerr Uperr from Sally Beauty, for $4.99 (it's cheaper online right now and $4.49 IS if you have a card). I found it in the nail art section. It's a stick to pick up rhinestones, it has a sort of rubbery end on both sides, I had one similar in the past but somehow it got lost, but now I am working with teeny tiny rhinestones again and tweezers aren't always very helpful, they tend to ping out of them. With this stick you just push on the top of the rhinestone lightly and it grabs on. For the most part it holds it long enough to get where I'm going.

The next one, a picture frame from Hobby Lobby. Stay away from the cheap ones that are 'everyday value' I think they called them. It was 5.99 for an 11x14, which I thought would be perfect over my cutting mat for heat sealing with my new woodburner, but I could not get the glass out and it broke. So no woodburner use for me yet!

And lastly, if you are on a tight budget like I am, and find paying $35 for a cutting mat just a little out of your price range, try the art section in Hobby Lobby. They sell self-healing cutting mats by Tech Tools for $9.99 for a 12x18, although the actual measured part is 11x17. 12x24 is $14.99, and they are doing the 40% off coupon as well this week.

I like it so far, it has 1/8 inch increments for the measurements, and seems sturdy enough, time will tell if it holds up as well as the more expensive ones.

If you need I can provide links, I know searching on HL can sometimes bring up everything except what you were looking for!

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