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Default Re: New to tutu making...have lots of questions.....

So I would like to start making hand tied (knotted?) tutu's....but have several questions....

~What to use for the waist?? I bought some satin ribbon so I can make it adjustable and tie a big bow in front, but what do you all prefer to use?
I use 1 in non roll elastic and sometimes crochet headbands

~How many lengths do you offer? and what are they most commonly?
I've decided to offer them in two sizes pre made 8 inches for 0-18 months and about 10 inches for 18-up but I ask if there is a preference for length for customs

~If I add ribbons in between the tulle...what type of ribbon? satin? how do you tie it?
I don't do this but I *think* you just tie it on for a tied tutu
~What is an easy way to cut your tulle lengths?
Cut a piece of cardboard to half the length you need (if you need 20 inches cut the cardboard 10 inches) wrap it around a bunch of times and cut it on one end. Otherwise a rotary cutter.
~Best place to buy tulle?
I get mine from RABOM (If anyone has a better site I'd love to know!)
~How do you get the knots clean and not all bunchy? is there a specific type of knot to use? have to balance between having it tight enough and not bunching the elastic. I use a square not

~How do you assemble? It seems to be kind of hard to assemble, moving around and what nto, so i tied it to my dress form and was tying them on that way...any other ideas?
I slip it over my leg to tie the tulle on

~What do you charge?
I always wonder if I charge too much or not enough so my prices have changed, right now they are 22..I think I may lower them again.

I got all of this information off the board after searching for the same things, so hopefully having it all in one place helps you out. Good luck!
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