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Default Re: Animal pint baby shoes.

Thanks checking Etsy out now!

Originally Posted by lilamy_01 View Post
Mine are still sitting in the box. lol

I was looking through etsy at some of theirs, maybe that will give you some ideas:

My two year old couldn't get them off so I'm wondering if can cut them?? I haven't taken any of them off yet. I plan to put a bow over the bow that is on there just to dress them and color them up a bit... glad I'm not the only one who hasn't done anything with them... my zebra flowers are still in the bag they came in as well.. WHY was I in such a hurry to get them just to have them sit for weeks???

Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
Have you tried getting those darn little bows off yet? They are on there good. I hope next time she does a buy, we will get them without the bows. I haven't done anything yet, but try to get the bows off. LOL.
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