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Default Re: What to charge for these? (not sure where to post this)

Originally Posted by 564tamara View Post
I am wondering if you ladies can help me out a bit with some prices. I want to start listing on Etsy but have no clue where to start with prices. I want to start by listing clippies and some foe headbands. I have some pairs of clippies and some sets of 4-6 coordinating clippies. What would you charge for a pair and for a set? Which of those sells better? And do plain clippies (just lined) or bow clippies (the ones that you just but a loop on them) sell better? For the FOE headbands, I plan on making the bow style and possible some interchangeable ones once I get my flowers stocked up. I also have some foe headbands with hydrangeas on them. What would you charge for each of those style headbands? I think that is enough items to get me started. TIA!!!
You may not get a real good answer unless you post some pics.
Here's my suggestion - search on etsy for the type of items you are selling. You can get a really good idea of what the price range is and choose a price that reflects the quality of your work!
Hope this helps! Good luck!

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