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Default Re: Pattern copyright laws, just FYI

Originally Posted by tabberone View Post
unbrokendreamz - making bottle cap images using the computer is often infringing especially if one is copying an image to make the bottle cap. If you are using the computer to create a design of your own that is fine. However, images on the internet are not there for the taking. If you have purchased some copyrighted material and you consume that material in the making of the bottle caps then that is not infringing.

One court ruled that a copyrighted item consumed in the construction of other items has no economic significance and is not infringing.

weesewcute - I have copies of several settlements on my web site including the Disney settlement.

yocelita - you are correct about not being able to use images like Winnie The Pooh. When someone says their item was "inspired by" something or someone, you can bet it is infringing. A t-shirt that says "I Love Jonas" will likely be considered infringing because of the name recognition.

rachie2531 - most lawyers do not understand trademark and copyright law. They study it in law school for a few classes but if they do not go into that field they fail to understand the wording and case histories.

Help? What are "tuts"?
So I know you are not a lawyer so when I ask this I only ask as an opinion, and since you are waaaaay more wise in this subject I wanted to see what you have to say
So if I bought images that are copyrighted from someone that obviously doesn't own a copyright privilege to sell them (they are the ones who went on the Internet and put together an image package). Then they would be infringing...what about the person who bought the images to make products using those images?
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