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Default Has any one seen?

Has any one seen a hair bow that has a "tube of wire mesh" on it?OK,I know it sounds odd but,I saw a hair bow on a kid one day. It was a ribbon bow and had a top layer of this "wire mesh". It was made like a bow as well and they were put together. It was different and cute.
Then on a different day I was at Kmart and seen a bow for a present,it had this stuff on it.It is no big then a pencil in diameter.
So,I know that someone ,some where knows what this is because Ive seen it two separate times.
Please if any one has any idea what it is please let me know.I'm sorry I'm not able to post a pic.I thought about buying the bow but, didn't.Now I wish that I had.
Pigtails & Ponytails
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