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Default Re: how to make this bow?

that's the cutest thing ever!! She must think that you rock!!

Originally Posted by designsbycristi View Post
Yes, definately add some stitches. When I first started doing bows (way back lol) I started with the loopy bow free instructions. I did not sew it at all, I just wrapped as instructed. Well, 3 years later my sister in law insists on putting those bows on my niece. All the strands are falling apart and half have come unraveled. It's so sad. She has to wear those ugly bows that her "sissy" made her because I can't make a decent bow to save my life Even worse is that my niece goes to craft shows to visit me (often where I'm set up with actual bow makers) and refuses to even look at other people's bows. It's so embarrasing. She thinks that my bows are the best ever. LOL she's 5 and very loyal to me lol! I told her the other day "please Ellie, pick out some bows. Sissy is going to buy you some new bows today". Her response was "no thanks, these are fine". Well, I think I finally solved the problem because I immediately pulled off some pretty flower clippies and stuck one in her hair
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