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Default About Rio doming Resin and Bottle Caps

I just realized how it is I get them so they don't bleck up.

i let the resin set for about 2 minutes in the middle of the cap, then i use a toothpick to "pull" the resin to the edge 9might need to dip the toothpick in the resin you mixed to get a bit more on and after that, i take the toothpick and coax the resin around the side to cover the picture and the side of the metal completely.

Also, make sure you don't put too much resin on top or it will over flow. I use a drop about half a dime in diameter.

Also, I have never once had trouble with bubbles. to do this, i make sure i fold the mixture together very GENTLY and let it sit for about 5 minutes before i put it on the caps.

Hope that helps a bit, I will take pics when I have time

This is PART of the entire Bottle Cap/Glass Tile/ Metal Tray tutorial that I am working on, it will take you from start to finish, flattening them to adding beads etc. But gotta wait til my computer is fixed with the programs on it to do that

Organize your stuff on a cookie sheet, I got some cheap ones at Walmart that I use ONLY for crafting. You can line it with foil but once you get the hang of it you wont need that. Figuring out how much to put on is the hardest part and a bit of a dance. The dollop of resin (hehehe, singing the song yet?) needs to be large enough to cover the whole surface but yet small enough to not run over. So that said, it is a tightrope walk to find that. I Start with about a half of a dime size and can always add more if needed. More details about materials and such in the tutorial!!!

here is about the size of the dollop

Then I do a few with dollops and come back to the first, this gives it a little time to set up but it is still liquid enough to move as I pull it with a tooth pick or Popsicle stick. Coax it out to the edge (be nice and it will cooperate :P )

Another pic of drawing it out to the edge. Make sure you are taking it all the way out to the edge and cover it so that the image will not be curled or able to be pulled off.

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