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Default Re: ribbon heaven ribbon

Originally Posted by Princess Babies Bowtique View Post
I thought it was a big order

I did join the yahoo group, but am not a fan of the yahoo group style of forum; I prefer this type of board, way easier to read/post/search etc
I edited my yahoo group emails so that I just get the one email with like 10 groups of emails. Then if there's a subject I want to read in that grouping, I can read it. Otherwise I just delete it.

I ordered a membership too. I haven't bought any ribbon yet, but am going to. Donna also has really pretty swirl ribbon that I LOVE.

She also has breast cancer awareness (due, I believe, to her friend Gail, who passed away from cancer), cute girl skulls, halloween w/ adorable bats, bumblebees (that is SOOOOO stinking cute!!!), other holiday stuff, cow print (in 3/8"), ladybugs in shocking pink/yellow/lime green (the ladybugs themselves are that color), ants & watermelon, butterflies/giraffes/zebras print that's cute, cow heads, "cheer" ribbon (w/ the words on it), daddy's girl, fleur de lis, peeps, a variety of different sports-theme (baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, etc.), m2mg, a HUGE variety of different mouseheads (holidays, etc.).

And yes you are supposed to add on the "free ribbon" to your cart when you first order. I do know Donna is VERY busy also running her retail site (which she fills orders from there first, since that is what she gets her money from & pays her bills with that money!!!). Make sure to plan accordingly so that you don't need the ribbon right away.

Hope this helps
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