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Default How to make fabric flowers

I've had so many people ask how I make my fabric flowers - I followed a tut somewhere and can't find the link BUT I'd love to have everyone be able to make these flowers and am more than happy to share for free. Here goes:

You will need fabric, a needle and thread (I use Button & Craft thread)

1. Cut 5 circles from your choice of fabric - small prints work best. I use the mouth of a plastic driniking cup for a template and my circles are about 3-1/8" in diameter.

2. Pick up a circle and fold it in half, wrong sides together. Thread your needle (if using button thread you can just use a single strand) and knot 1 end.

3. Starting at the right corner push your needle up from the bottom and pull the thread through until the knot catches.

4. From here make 7 running stitches as even as you can until you reach the opposite end. The last stitch should end with the needle coming out the bottom of the fabric. Gently pull the thread through, gathering the fabric to form the first petal.

5. Continue with the remaining 4 circles, cinching the fabric together after each petal.

6. Once all 5 are sewn flip the flower over and thread the needle back through the first ridge in the first petal and go back through agan to form a loop between petal 1 & petal 5.

7. Feed the needle through the loop once and gently pull on the loop to make sure the petals are all nice & tight before tightening the knot.

8. Make one more loop and knot the same way.

9. Feed the needle through the first petal and the next 4-5 ridges on the last petal to finish.

10. Your flower will look something like this:

Using your thumb and index finger gently shape petals

And you're finished!

Sorry for the bad pictures - my camera's batteries died so pics are all from my phone Please let me know if you have any questions - I'll do my best to answer them. Good luck & happy sewing!

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