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Default Re: My twisted boutique bows always fold in on themselves... what am I doing wrong?

Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
Here is a fast (and terrible) edit in paint to show you LOL

The red layers are the bottom, leave those on top of each other, do not pull them apart.

The purple are the only layers that should be pulled apart

I hope that helps make more sense even if it is a little sloppy!

* oh I didnt think about this before, but if you are using the figure 8 method this might not make sense.

girlythingsbows used to have a tutorial on there that I used and I am not seeing it now. But you measured out the ribbon and then folded it over so many times, put a pin through the center and then pulled the loops apart, that is how I do mine.
It makes sense to me know! I have never been very good at these.
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