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Default Re: Can i see a side pic of a finished bottle cap

Originally Posted by pat font View Post
Allison I cut my images with the 1" punch and use regular bottlecaps but my images don`t get to the edge of the bottlecap you can still see a very tiny rim of the bottlecap surrounding the image so no matter how much I modge podge the image to the cap I still have to pour more resin so it spills around the image but then it spills around the edge of the caps too...I thought I was doing mines wrong since they are my first try but now I see I am not the only one having this issue..i am afraid that if I don`t spill the resin images may be peeled off.
Pat, try a little less resin and the modge podge, I run the modge podge down the side and let it dry, then when I put the resin on, I use a toothpick to put it on around the sides, put a small drop in the middle and then use the toothpick to push it around the rest of the cap. I dont have any finished ones on hand right now, but will take pics of how I do it when I do my next batch this weekend

Originally Posted by newtothis View Post
i have been using the xyron sticker maker to adhear the images to the bottle cap its stuck on there good but i guess i will have to get some cheap paintbrushes to brush the resin on the sides
try the modge podge around the edge first

Originally Posted by SouthernBelle View Post
I made my first set of bottlecaps too and have the same issue. I guess I need to get a paintbrush also.
when you modge podge over the image, just modge podge down the side of the cap sometimes I have to hold the image down for a few seconds.

Make sure the image is 100% dry and stuck (if you use modge podge to stick it to the cap then 100% dry for like 15-20 minutes) If you are using the sticker machine, I stick mine down really good and make sure I press around the edges and then I dont seal over the top with modge podge for a couple days so the image is stuck

Also, make sure if you are using a sticker machine, that you have PERMANENT sticker paper in it.
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