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Default Someone to edit single pic


I told my mom I would help her make the invitations for my brother's rehearsal dinner. There's a cute pic of him and his fiance (and let me tell you, he does NOT take pictures so this was rare!!) but they are in a parking lot of the baseball game. I would love if someone could "cut" them out and just have a clear/white background. So its just them. I think that can be done, right?

My plan was to print that picture on a piece of vellum and then overlay that to the cardstock invitation. So if its just them (no cars in the background!) it would look so much better. If you could tint it B&W too that would be easier to print!

I dont know how much it costs to have someone do something like that?
I dont want to pay a whole ton because I still have to buy all the supplies to make the invites in the first place! If only my brother would allow more pictures taken of him this wouldnt be such an issue LOL

I can email the picture.

Go ahead and post here, my PM box is always getting filled up from the group buy questions I get.

thanks so much!!

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