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Default Re: Rounded (Cupped) Kanzashi Flowers HELP

Cristi, you are so right...that final tie is torture. I spent many hours on that and sometimes I still don't get it. There are a number of things that help...the fabric you use...not too stiff not too flimsy...cutting the tip off fairly close to the needle (I cut mine while it is still on the needle and not when it is pushed all the way down on the thread...just personal preference)...I have a long needle so I leave all my petals on the needle and make sure all my petals are cut fairly even at the bottom...then push them all down on the thread, not pulling them too tight or too loose when forming your circle...I try to lay mine flat on the table so the ends make a cirlce then tie the thread but don't pull so tight that you can't open the petals...this can be a real challenge. I don't get every flower right, sometimes I have to restring them and sometimes I have to add another petal, sometimes that flower is a LOSS . Another thing is don't put your needle too high up on the petal when threading it or the petal won't open nice. And if you don't catch the little triangel part (in the back) with your needle and thread you can glue those down. I think that's all the tips I have right now.


Originally Posted by designsbycristi View Post
The final tie on those boogers is the hardest part. I can get it all down except that. Well actually my MIL and SIL came over and we spent 6 hours with the Kanzashi Flower in Bloom book and STILL couldn't get it. We can get as far as tying and thats it.

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