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Default Re: Rounded (Cupped) Kanzashi Flowers HELP

I love your flower. I have been using 5, 6 and 7 petals depending on the look I want and 2" squares which are a devil to work with...the bigger the square the easier it will be to close the circle . Also the number of petals makes a difference...too few and it is hard to complete your circle too many it is hard to open the petals....ask me how I know this You are right...spray starch is your friend....I like to starch my fabric before I cut it...starching all those little squares is a pain...just my opinion but I cut out about 150 squares and I didn't like like standing at my ironing board starching all of those little guys. Much much easier to starch a nice large piece of fabric
Thanks for the link....I love it. I have it bookmarked and I'm going to try those the next time I'm doing Kanzashi flowers.


Originally Posted by deesurf View Post
HI, I found too that if you use a spray starch on your squares after you cut them and let them dry, it holds the fold better and looks nicer. If you cut the bottom off closer to your string threaded on the petals too, it is easier to form into a flower. I cut my squares for my petals about 2 3/4 inches-3 inches and use about 8 petals on the flower. That seems to be a good amount to form a cute flower. I'm attaching a picture of one of mine.
Also, here's a link to another flower with a slightly different fold.
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